Caring & sharing #172

Dear Agony Aunts

As a  42-year old mother of 3 I find that I can simply not manage on the housekeeping my husband allows me.

How do I set about going on the game?



Dear “Flo”

We know that at this time of year money can seem a little tight, but do you really want to sacrifice your good name & risk your future by becoming a working girl? There are alternatives. We suggest that next time hubby is asleep you make a note of his credit card details & that you do all your shopping for Valentine’s Day, Easter, the Summer vacation etc. on-line, well in advance & using his card; & perhaps take the opportunity to get yourself something nice to wear through the remaining drab days of Winter. Do, please remember to buy him something special, pointless & expensive as well, so that he knows just how much you care. If you can make it something you know he will hate it will really help you to “get in the mood”!

We’d also suggest getting ready to move out fast, ideally just as the bills start to arrive.


Love can be no tougher....

Love can be no tougher….