Signs & portents: April 2014 – Gemini

21 May - 21 June

21 May – 21 June


Time to face-up to your responsibilities say the fates, & to acknowledge that on occasions over the past few years you might, from time to time, have been a little over zealous in the application of your authority within the school. This is all the more pressing when April’s government inspection confirms that you have had no pupils since the incident on the 1994 “School Skiing Trip” & no staff since 2002 with that unfortunate business on the “Nature Ramble” through the old quarry – & this in spite of an overspent budget in excess of 3 million a year.


Your family will all be keen to support you in April, say the fates, who add that the reason probably has more to do with the cost of professional pall-bearers than through any real affection.


There is never a good time to laugh at either a christening or a funeral.

All major credit cards accepted…