View from a Rhino House: making a point

In South Carolina lawmakers have begun a debate on an amendment that gives God credit for creation of the State’s totem mammoth.

A bill that recently passed the State House to designate the Columbian Mammoth as the State fossil ground to a halt in the Senate after Republican Senator Kevin Bryant added two verses from the King Jame’s’ version of the Book of Genesis.

The original amendment was ruled “out of order” but senators this week are debating a new amendment that says the mammoth was “created on the sixth day along with the beasts of the field,” Bryant said yesterday.

The original measure followed a letter to elected officials by Olivia McConnell, a little girl from New Zion, South Carolina. In it, she pointed out that there is no state fossil, said Democratic Representative Robert Ridgeway, who sponsored the Bill.

McConnell suggested the mammoth because an early find of a fossilised mammoth took place in 1725 on a South Carolina plantation, Ridgeway said.

Bryant said he does not intend to hold up the mammoth’s official designation but would like a vote on his amendment & sees no legal or “other” problems with it. (So if someone added credit to the Easter Bunny to acknowledge his (or her) assistance in the finding of the fossil he would clearly feel the same?)

There is a point where faith & self-delusion, self aggrandisement & politics all reach a tipping point into Salem-type-wide-eyed-lunacy. Who could have foreseen that the government of South Carolina would be keen to hit it so much sooner than the good people at Fox News?

For God's sake let's juts hope that we're a same-sex married couple who've adopted.....

For God’s sake let’s just hope that they never find-out we’re a same-sex, married couple who’ve adopted…..