View from a Rhino House: Bacchus 1 – Botany 0

In Texas a woman who complained to police that a drug dealer sold her a weak strain of marijuana that did not deliver much fun has been arrested, police said this week.

Evelyn Hamilton was jailed last Friday after also telling police in Lufkin, Texas, that the dealer had refused a refund when she complained. She was later released on $500 bail after being charged with a “drug paraphernalia” offence.

She took with her to the police a bag with a small amount of the pot, said a Lufkin police spokesman, as proof of her complaint.

The person Hamilton said was the dealer was not arrested.

A day after her release, the woman was again taken into custody, this time on for public drunkenness. She was allegedly yelling at invisible people in the street when she was arrested outside a downtown bar.

At least she didn’t have grounds for a complaint against the bar owner.

Light-up or lit-up?

Light-up or lit-up?


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