Caring & sharing #201

Dear Agony Aunts

I have recently found that my husband has been spending our retirement fund on some cheap tart who works in a lap dancing club. When I tried to talk to him about it at the weekend he simply packed his bags & moved into a fairly swanky hotel, also paid for out of our retirement fund.

To be honest I’m not really that upset to see him go (oh, if only he’d done it 20 years ago) but I do feel that our retirement nest egg is taking a bit of a beating. We’re both in our early 60’s & I had hoped that the savings would have paid for a retirement treat, such as a cruise & or a trip to see our grandchildren in New Zealand. I also think that it is a bit unfair that he is drawing out so much money for his “fling” when frankly he didn’t put that much into it; I’m a bank manager & he has been unemployed for the last 10 years, & it was me that risked 15 years for embezzlement to get the money!

I’ll be retiring next month so I could do with some advice fairly quickly on this one.



Dear “Lucy”

Clearly you are a strong woman with a reasonably sophisticated moral code that allows you to do what is right, regardless of conventional morality (viz the embezzlement). To that end we’d suggest the old “insure him up to the hilt before he has an accident” ploy that has worked so well for us in the past.

We’ve already e-mailed copies of our “Husband exit management” pamphlet & our recently published “Creative widowhood” e-book which we think should prove interesting reading & might offer you some useful insights into how best to move ahead with your life without the encumbrance of either cheating husband or Coroner’s enquiry.

Enjoy your retirement.


Love can be no tougher....

Love can be no tougher….


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