Signs & portents: June 2014 – Taurus

20 April – 20 May


The fates say that in June you will enjoy a degree of success in your new profession as a children’s entertainer but suggest that this might be because of your complete (& bloody) failure to manage the sword swallowing trick. Kids, eh?


In early June you will reach your target weight without the need for further extreme dieting or exercise, say the fates. Neither of these are going to be possible anyway until after you are back on solids & get used to the prosthesis.


The quickest way to a man’s heart is between the third & fourth ribs.

Death: nature’s way of telling you that you’ve been overdoing things….


3 thoughts on “Signs & portents: June 2014 – Taurus

  1. Oh, your posts are always so jolly! 😀 These two people (listed above as MEN and WOMEN) could surely make a great couple with a brand new story to tell each week.

    They might be hopeless, but they would always be in court, in hospital or under a bus. Could be a long-running series.

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