View from a Rhino House: lunacy

In Arizona a man has been arrested after shooting at the moon with a handgun & struggling with police officers who were called by his girlfriend.

Police went to a home in Prescott Valley, about 150 kilometres north of Phoenix, late on Friday night to an address where the woman told them her partner had fired several shots into the air after shouting that he had “seen Halley’s Comet.”

A Prescott Valley police spokesman said Cameron Read, was arrested after a struggle & admitted firing multiple times because he was “trying to shoot the moon.”

The spokesman also said Read also confessed to drug taking before the incident, & told the arresting officers he had not wanted to hurt anyone (well not anyone on this planet anyway).

He is being held in Yavapai County Jail on felony charges of unlawful discharge of a firearm, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct & endangerment, & a misdemeanor count of criminal damage. He does not appear to have an attorney & reports that he works at the local observatory are probably not true.

He is going to be so pissed when he realises he was 47 years to early to have any chance of taking-out Halley’s comet, but at least the man-in-the-moon isn’t pressing charges.

Leading the target by 47 years is probably a little too ambitious.

Leading the target by 47 years is probably a little too ambitious.


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