View from a Rhino House: Facebook or face palm?

In St. Paul, Minnesota a man came home to find his house open, cash & other items missing…….. & a stranger’s Facebook profile open on his computer, it was reported this week.

Nicholas Wig has been charged with second degree burglary, also left his wet jeans, shoes & belt lying on the floor by the computer in the house, according to the police.

It appears that a local resident called police last Thursday & told them he had come home to find his house “ransacked” with the front door unlocked & open. He also saw that “Nick Dub’s” Facebook profile was open on his computer, someone he did not know or recognise.

Items missing included cash, a chequebook, credit cards, keys & a watch, the report said.

Later on Thursday, the resident recognised Wig on the street from his Facebook picture & again called the police, who found him wearing a watch like one taken in the burglary; when police searched Wig they found car keys & an iPod shuffle, which the resident identified along with the watch, the report said.

Wig admitted entering the house, swapping his rain-soaked clothes for some from the house, logging on to Facebook & taking the items reported stolen, the complaint said.

It’s a good thing stupidity isn’t a crime but this puts a whole new slant on those annoying “Do you know…..” e-mails that Facebook keep sending you, doesn’t it?

If only.......

If only…….