View from a Rhino House: bringing home the bacon

Last week vandals broke into a Maryland petting farm & painted graffiti on a sow & her piglets, police said.

The taggers used blue veterinary antiseptic spray to paint “Hello my pretty” on the, 295 kilo, 3-year-old matriach at the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Monrovia, Maryland.

Each of the 11, week-old, piglets had a letter spray-painted on it, but the  “petting farmer” Ken Keyes, the Green Meadows owner, is not sure what word or words they might be (maybe he could try lining them up in a different order?). “It’s some sort of message,” he said (so he’s clearly familiar with the concept of “writing”).

More graffiti, painted on a wall, said “Urbana Rules,” a likely reference to nearby Urbana High School, Keyes said. “I think it was high school kids,” he added. “I don’t think it’s a middle-aged couple that said ‘let’s go tag some pigs.'”

No animals were harmed during the attack although the vandals also stole a tortoise named Henrietta.

Keyes filed a report with the Maryland State Police, who are investigating along with Frederick County Animal Control.

Doesn’t sound like “Banksy” or frankly by now the whole pig family would have been auctioned for millions (& what the hell is a “petting farm”; do you get to stroke the cabbages & gas the tractor, or what?).

But is it "Art"? I ask myself.......

But is it “Art”? I ask myself…….


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