View from Rhino House: salad daze

In recent months the press has been full of stories about how new hi-tech start-ups are being funded by crowdsourcing via the internet, & everything “cool” from Pebble (smart watches) to Oculus Rift (VR headsets) seems to have started this way.

Over the past week one Kickstarter project has vastly exceeded its humble goal of raising $10 to let Ohio-based Zack “Spud” Brown make some potato salad &, currently, contributions stand at around $45.000.

Brown, though, is not overwhelmed by his success & has added some “stretch” goals to the scheme, such as promising “better mayonnaise” (if someone contributes $250), “make way more potato salad & probably do a third recipe” ($350), & most recently “will rent out a party hall & invite the whole internet to the potato salad party (but only donors of more than $10 will be allowed in the kitchen).”

“The internet loves potato salad,” he told reporters.

So now that the tools are in place, & ending world hunger is a “given”, how soon can someone start a scheme for fixing the Middle-east?

Technological innovation at its finest.

Technological innovation at its finest.


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