View from a Rhino House: pizza pain

In the USA on Tuesday a Kentucky man already charged with stealing beer made a prank call from the police station where he was arrested, to order five pizzas.

Mike “Hold-the-anchovies” Harp had been arrested on Tuesday night after shoplifting $36 worth of beer from a convenience store, said a police spokesman yesterday. Harp & other suspects had stolen beer from the same store more than once during the day & were drinking it in the street when the police detained them, he added.

At the police station, Harp asked if he could call a family member on his cellphone. He then called a Domino’s pizza restaurant instead & placed an order in the name of Captain Coy Wilson, his arresting officer. The spokesman could not offer any information on the type of pizzas ordered.

Harp was then charged with theft by deception, identity theft & impersonating an officer, by an unappreciative constabulary. The date for a preliminary hearing has not yet been set.

Now if he’d added doughnuts to the order there probably would have been no problem at all (as long as there was some of the beer left).

Accessory or pusher?

Accessory or pusher?


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