Sharing & caring #217

Dear Agony Aunts

I have just seen my fiancé kissing my (as of now, former) best friend in his car, parked behind the supermarket. Do you think I should deal with her at the same time as giving Nigel a good kicking?




Dear “Debbie”

You need to take some time to focus on what has gone wrong in your relationship with Nigel, so we recommend taking-out the evil cow before doing anything else. Go for something simple like a hit-&-run accident, at least you’ll have a chance to reverse over the little madam if you didn’t finish her off with the first strike. It also gives Nigel a chance to make amends with some serious “gifting” if you hold-off on sorting him out.

As regards the YY chromosome, we suggest that a full & frank conversation can only help & we recommend that to move things along a little you make sure you have an electric cattle prod to hand while the conversation is taking place. A few touches with the prod in support of some of your key points should work wonders & ensure that he is not tempted to stray again. Failing that repeat the process with him in the tub & finish him off once-&-for-all.


PS. Wear gloves. Don’t use your own car.


Love can get no tougher....

Love can get no tougher….



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