View from a Rhino House: midnight munchies

In Bonita Springs, Florida last week there was a break-in at Doc’s Beach House (a bar & restaurant), according to Lee County sheriff spokesman Tony Schall.

Captured for posterity, & internet fame, the three intruders were recorded on the security video roaming around the kitchen in their underwear before taking a case of hamburgers & some red bell peppers from the refrigerator – before stripping-off their underwear & wandering around the kitchen nude for a while longer & leaving.

Although photos from the security camera have been posted on the Internet, only two tips have come in, Schall said, with no one apparently recognizing the faces (or any other parts).

Schall said officers suspect the three might have been tourists.

Well if they arrest anyone the identity parade might be fun, I wonder if they will post that on the web.

Bell peppers, as naked as the day they were picked.

Bell peppers, as naked as the day they were picked.


3 thoughts on “View from a Rhino House: midnight munchies

  1. It takes all sorts. Maybe they stripped off because they figured all eyes would be… you know… not on their faces. It might have been easier to wear masks, but their ploy seems to be working.

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