View from a Rhino House: Hoop-la!

In Arizona a prison inmate has escaped by scaling a basketball hoop in the exercise yard & then jumping from it onto, & through, a fence, it was reported yesterday.

Wade Cole “ Magic” Dickinson, is still on the lam more than two weeks after fleeing from the Yavapai County Detention Facility, a report by the local sheriff’s has confirmed.

It appears he climbed the 10-foot-tall hoop & used it as platform to leap to the fence. From there he managed to loosen the links in the fence & reached the prison roof. Then he climbed over another fence & was off-&-away.

Dickinson, who listed his occupation as a personal trainer, was awaiting transfer after being sentenced to 24 years on charges including fraud, trafficking in stolen property, drug possession & illegal possession of a firearm.

A video camera monitoring the area had been broken, apparently with a basketball, prior to the escape (so You Tube fame may have to wait a while).

A $5,000 reward has been posted for information leading to Dickinson’s arrest, & he’s a shoe-in for the NBA

Up, up & away....

Up, up & away….


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