View from a Rhino House: feathers definitely not flying

On Friday afternoon, in Portland, Oregon, the police released a press statement that said officers had been dispatched to deal with a “report of a chicken crossing a road” in the city, after an emergency 911 call said the bird was causing a hazard in rush-hour traffic.

In a statement entitled “Officers Unable to Determine Chicken’s Intent,” it said police were unable to locate the bird, but that animals in the roadway were not a laughing matter. They also released an audio recording of the 991 call, in which the caller tries to re-assure a dispatcher that “this is not a prank call.”

Police Spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson said officers regularly tend to duck crossing incidents, & have been known to rescue ducklings from storm drains. But, he said, it was the first time they had received a serious call about a chicken trying to cross a road. Officers will remain on the lookout for the bird, he said.

At least nobody has called-out the National Guard on this one, yet.

'Nuff said!

‘Nuff said!