View from a Rhino House: leave them laughing when you go

The South Korean population will be nothing but a memory by 2751 if nothing is done to halt the nation’s falling fertility rate, according to a report from NARS (the National Assembly Research Service) in Seoul.The population’s fertility rate declined to a new low of 1.19 children per woman in 2013, well below the birth rate required to sustain the country’s current population of 50 million people, the report claimed.

In a projection, the NARS study suggests that the population will decline to to 40 million in 2056 and 10 million in 2136. The last South Korean, the report indicates, will shuffle-off his mortal coil in 2750, making it the first national group in the world to become extinct.
The simulation is a worst-case scenario & does not consider possible changes in immigration policy, for example.

So if the Kim family can hang-on in the DPRK for a mere 636 years they’re going to be able to reunite the peninsula as they wish (no doubt with the Great Leader still as “President-for-life-&-beyond”).

I just hope the last poor bugger remembers to turn the lights out before he croaks – who will pay the electricity bill if he doesn’t?

All mine; at last!

All mine; at last!


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