View from a Rhino House: slow food

In Florida this week the police caught a man who killed & ate 15 gopher tortoises, & was planning to munch on 11 more of the threatened beasties, a spokeswoman said yesterday.

It appears that a tip-off led an officer to woods in Citrus County on Florida’s west coast where he found tire tracks & used cartridges, & search the next day turned-up a box holding 11 live gopher tortoises.

When the man came back he was arrested & admitted to eating the threatened species & the trapped tortoises were set free.

Florida legislation identifies gopher tortoises as a threatened species, meaning it is illegal to own one & eating them is definitely infra dig.

I can’t see this appearing as a chain of franchised-eateries anywhere soon, but people have strange tastes (especially in Florida, it seems).

Finger food?

Finger food?