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Dear Agony Aunts

I just found out that my fiancé, Melvin, has been cheating on me with Margaret, the girl I had asked to be my chief bridesmaid, my oldest friend.

What should I do?



Dear “Heartbroken”

Well, we suggest canceling the wedding for a start.

It is always difficult in these circumstances to maintain your composure & we strongly recommend that before you entertain any foolish thoughts of revenge that you sit down quietly, alone, & think very carefully about what has happened. We generally recommend a decent bottle of claret to help the process along & to stimulate the creative juices.

Remember that in some ways you have been lucky & that it is better to know now than to find out later on; although finding out that both your lover &  best friend are both evil scumbags is perhaps something that is not really good to discover at any point.

There are those who cannot come to terms with feelings of betrayal & rejection & spend the rest of their lives imagining all sorts of terrible “justice” being visited on the heads of those they blame for their distress. It is important that you don’t let yourself fall into this self-defeating & depressed frame of mind. You need to think positively & to set yourself some active, short-term goals to look forward to; nothing too complicated or difficult but just something that will bring an inner feeling of satisfaction & achievement.

We recommend mowing the “M&M”s down in a stolen car late one evening, simple yet cathartic – & if you don’t manage to finish them off on the first strike, you can back-up & take a second bite at the the cherry.

Go out there & heal!


Love can get no tougher....

Love can get no tougher….