View from a Rhino House: college capers

On Tuesday in Idaho an assistant professor with a concealed-carry gun permit shot himself (& his career) in the foot with a semiautomatic handgun while he was teaching a chemistry class, police said yesterday.

The instructor, who was treated & then released from a local hospital, possessed an “enhanced concealed-carry permit” that made it legal for him him to carry a hidden gun on campus under a state law that went into effect last month.

Idaho’s legislature passed the law allowing guns on university grounds earlier this year over the objection of all of the state’s leading universities, including Idaho State, where the incident occurred. In response to the new law, that university for the first time dispatched public safety officers armed with semiautomatic pistols to patrol the university’s campus this summer to “safeguard students & staff”.

Those officers & the local police police were on the scene of Tuesday’s events but weren’t able to shoot anybody, putting them seriously at a disadvantage in the staff vs authorities idiots’ league.

Guns are banned in areas of the physical science complex at the university where there is a nuclear research laboratory but are allowed under the new law in the chemistry lab where the firearm went off, so some good news for the local population there!

“Idaho State University is in compliance with the Idaho gun law. Yesterday’s incident was an unfortunate accident,” university President Arthur Vailas said in a blindingly anodyne statement last night.

Just a guess, but, I suspect our Dirty-Harry-wannabe assistant professor will not be getting tenure any time soon.

"... & for those of you not handing in your assignments on time we have the new incentive scheme, as mandated by law."

“… & for those of you not handing in your assignments on time we have a new incentive scheme, as mandated by law.”