Caring & sharing #226

Dear Aunts

Last year I began a relationship with a very nice young man who seems to be really interested in me & with whom I seem to have much in common. Last week he “popped the question” & I am in a bit of a quandary. I feel I would like to say “yes” & enjoy my declining years (I’m 65) with a companion who will give me the company & affection that I have so missed since old “Lard-ass” Gerald died, back in 1998. At the same time I am a bit worried about the difference in our ages, he is 29, & about what my son & daughter will say – they’re both in their mid-30’s; not that I ever see them or my grandchildren.

Due you think that an ageing, widowed, lottery winner like me can find happiness again, & what do you think I should do about Dylan’s proposal?



Dear “Elsie”

We don’t think you should worry too much about the kids or the grandchildren, a simple thing like a big win on the lottery has a way of reminding people about their filial responsibilities, particularly if a Will is being considered.

Clearly Dylan has touched a place in your heart (we’re assuming the question he “popped” was a wedding proposal & not something a little less formal formal). We think that, with a few simple precautions, you should go ahead & enjoy your remaining years in a way that only a 36-years younger husband can make possible. In order to make those years as long as possible we do suggest that you make a Will immediately after the wedding (& we mean before the reception starts, ideally even before the car pulls away from the church) ensuring that all your worldly goods, chattels & cash are bequeathed to some good cause not in any way connected with either your new husband or your existing family.

In our experience the possibility of losing a treasured relative or spouse along with any hope of keeping one’s snout in the trough, ensures a very worthy degree of concern & solicitude which tends to help prevent those little, & often fatal, accidents which women in your situation seem to be so prone to.

If your have any problem coming up with good causes we’d be happy to offer a few suggestions of our own, drop us a line if we can help.

Enjoy the honeymoon.


Love can get no tougher….


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    • They are, alas, all composed. On occasions I do receive mails for the “Aunts” but the problems they include are so bizarre they make the regular compositions look tame (favourite to date: “How do I persuade my boyfriend of 2 years & the father of my son that I am a virgin?”).

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