View from a Rhino House: democracy made simple

In the tireless campaign to bring the benefits of democracy to the world, a small city in the USA has introduced a “fun” element into refining the expression of the “people’s will”.

The special election for one of five alderman seats in Poplarville (population around 2,800) ended in a 177-177 tie after a previously turned-away voter returned with the mandatory photo-ID at the close of Tuesday’s ballot. Glenn Bolin & his opponent, Stephanie Bounds were not told which candidate the key voter supported.

The tie-breaker (either a tossed coin or a straw drawing) overseen by the local election commission, was set to take place last night, Poplarville Mayor Brad Necaise said, but as yet we here at the Rhino House do not know who prevailed (it’s a time difference thing).

The special election in Poplarville was held to replace outgoing Alderman Randy Brown, whose job as an investigator with the Biloxi Police Department was determined by the state auditor to be in conflict with his elected role.

Bolin said he was more disheartened by the low turnout than by the race coming down to luck.

“We have 1,600 registered voters in the city of Poplarville,” he said. “Only 354 felt the need to get out and vote.” Bounds could not be reached for comment although rumours that she has defected to North Korea are believed to be without foundation.

It’s a shame these people weren’t sorting out that whole Bush/Gore thing back in the days when.


The news just hit the eagerly waiting world. Bolin won, & they made the choice by drawing straws held by the Mayor.

Best of 3......?

Best of 3……?