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In the USA lingerie & leggings infused with caffeine & sold as weight loss aids were “ineffective” (who could have guessed?) & the companies that sold them have agreed to refund money to customers & cease advertising, it was reported on Monday.

The Federal Trade Commission said Wacoal America & Norm Thompson Outfitters were accused of “deceptive advertising” that claimed that caffeine-impregnated clothing would cause the wearer to lose weight & have less cellulite (ah, the power of advertising when combined with the sheer awesomeness of stupidity, it never fails).

“Slimming & firming results are visible in under a month,” one advertisement claimed.

Wacoal America, based in New Jersey, also advertised that its clothing had microcapsules with caffeine, vitamin E & other chemicals that it said led to weight loss. In one ad, it cited the “revolutionary iPant new shapewear that works with your body to eliminate cellulite.”

It’s hard to be surprised by peoples stupidity, or even by corporate cupidity (although this case does push the envelope) but I’m amazed that Apple haven’t threatened legal action yet – could it be that there is an “iAnything” name that they haven’t registered, although this may be taking the whole “wearable” technology idea just a little too far?

"I feel thinner already....."

“I feel thinner already…..”