Sharing & caring #230

Dear Agony Aunts

I think I have been chosen by God to be his representative in the world! It might sound mad, but I’ve started to hear voices at night as I go to sleep & when there’s no-one in the house but me. I think the voices are to telling me to do things but I don’t hear them too clearly (even though I’ve changed the batteries in my hearing aid twice in the last week).

How can I help the voices to come through more clearly & make God’s will immanent?



Dear “On-my-knees”

If you really want to hear the voices more clearly we’d suggest asking the people next door to turn-up their TV; if you’d rather have a good night’s sleep, ask them to turn it down or buy ear-plugs (& forget about changing the batteries).

If instead it does turn out to be God trying to get through, put in a good word for us.



Love can get no tougher….