View from a Rhino House: home alone

In the USA police mistook a black teenager for a burglar & pepper sprayed him inside the home he shared with his white foster parents, authorities said this week.

Responding to a neighbour’s report of a break-in, police said they used pepper spray on Monday when 18-year-old DeShawn Currie “became profane, threatening & belligerent” (simply because a bunch of armed men broke into his home & threatened him – surely not) & “refused to follow instructions” from officers.

Currie’s foster parents, Ricky & Stacy Tyler, said he has lived with them for about a year. The Tylers, their three young children & Currie moved into their new home in July & don’t yet know some their neighbours, they said.

Police said there had been a rash of crimes in the area recently, but did not specifically say how many or what kind (illegal entry & assault, maybe).

Authorities said when they entered the house, Currie produced “inadequate identification” which showed the family’s previous address.

A police spokeswoman did not reply when asked specifically about what instructions Currie did not follow. Police also have not said how many officers entered the home, their length of service with the department or their race.

Currie was treated by medical personnel at the scene, police said. No charges were filed (guess he was lucky to get-off so lightly).

Somedays it really doesn't pay to be black.

Somedays it really doesn’t pay to be black.


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