Signs & portents: November 2014 – Scorpio

23 October – 22 November


November is going to be a chance for you to enjoy yourself & spend some time with your family, predict the fates, although the little domestic spat with your wife will technically break the terms of your parole….. & both of her legs.


The fates say that in November you will receive exactly what you deserve when the birthday bouquet from your estranged son proves to contain a number of poisonous insects & a fastening pin which has been dipped in anthrax. Breaking the pair was a bad mistake – you should have sold both of the twins to avoid just this sort of unpleasantness.


The good news always arrives just a little more slowly than the bad.

Don’t worry things could be will get worse….


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      • Them voices are pretty sharp and hilarious. You are lucky to have them. I want some too. My mind is more like stew. Add stuff and ideas bubble up. bubbles voices I wonder if its the sorta same thing, only I see in pictures and you are auditory. Very keen they are

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