View from a Rhino House: Better out than in?

A British man who has spent a total of seven years in prison, for wandering around naked in public, lost his legal battle to wear no clothes yesterday as the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) told him he must respect the rights of others.

Stephen Gough, usually, & predictably, known as “The Naked Rambler” by British tabloid media for his bid to walk the length of the country wearing no more than a hat, a bulky rucksack & an irritatingly smug air of self-righteousness, has a record of around 30 convictions for public order disturbances & other offences.

Gough argued that European laws on “respect for private life & freedom of expression” gave him the right to nudity whenever he chose it. But the Strasbourg-based Court ruled that they did not apply given his “deliberately repetitive antisocial conduct”.

“He had plenty of other ways of expressing his opinions,” it concluded.

People eager to keep their breakfast down will be cheering all over the UK.

Now where did I put the damned car keys?

Now where did I leave the damned car keys?