Closing time at the Rhino House


I’m afraid that for 2014 this is the end of the road. Thanks for all the comments, “likes” & other feedback, & ThursdayAgain may make a comeback in February 2015 (it’s been dead before). If it does subai chet, if not then “so long, & thanks for all the fish.”

31 October 2014.


8 thoughts on “Closing time at the Rhino House

  1. Hey! You can’t disappear, I’ve only just found my way back here! How will I cope without your whacky humor to keep me going???

    Well… the decision naturally is yours. Just know my fingers are crossed for Feb. If you really have quit, you will be missed. Thank you for all the fun and laughs – yours is a stop-by-every-day kind of blog.

    Seriously all the best to you.

    Cheers from Australia.

    • Glad to see you’re back.

      I haven’t decided on continuing the blog yet; at the moment I have little enthusiasm for it, but I’ll leave it up for a while longer & maybe either restart it, or take it off-line, around the end of the month.

      Salut from France.

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