Just another day at the office #333

beer delivery

George never usually drank when he was working – and before this morning, he had never forgotten to lock the trailer before he set off….


Just another day at the office #332

cheap rodeo.jpg

Prem’s inaugural appearance at the Mumbai Rodeo in the Bull Riding competition was, to be honest, quite a disappointment for both him and his family. It seemed clear that his careful training, using his village’s communal flock of Angora goats, had not really delivered the level of skill needed to succeed in such august surroundings.


Just another day at the office #331

worrying job.jpg

After 2 years unemployed Kevin seemed genuinely pleased to have found a job where his extensive background in manufacturing and quality control marked him out for rapid promotion. His employers were therefore taken by surprise when after a month he resigned on health grounds, citing feelings of “depression, inadequacy, and an uneasiness in dealing with some vegetables and fruits.” Apparently he was also having some problems at home, according to his wife, Betty.


Just another day at the office #330


Joe Running Water was proud when the Council of Elders chose him for the largely ceremonial post of “Speaker to the Souls of Buffalo.” He was all the more disappointed therefore when he found out that they meant Buffalo, NY and that he was required to use only the traditional techniques of his ancestors; his relief when the ceremonial costume was stolen on Day 2 (during his mugging by a drug crazed German tourist) can only be imagined.


Just another day at the office #329


When he confessed that he had forgotten to bring the hurdles Johann thought that, as the “new guy”, maybe his boss would cut him a little slack. It turned out that the offer to allow him to “make good” on his foul-up wasn’t quite as generous or forgiving as it sounded.


Just another day at the office #328


It was only after Jian had enthusiastically paid-over the deposit for the KFC franchise he realised that in opting for the “Basic, self-starter” version of the package he was going to have to wait some time before any revenue would start to flow. Still, at least that would give him time to build the perfect restaurant and take-out on his grandmother’s cabbage patch.