Moments in automotive history #149

1hp fiat

The 1 horse power version of the smaller Fiats proved popular in the Eastern European beach resorts where their low running-costs were welcomed by the local taxi drivers.


Moments in automotive history #148


Although the good people of Prague were loathe to give-up without a struggle, in truth the idea of push-starting the city’s ageing tram fleet was, to say the least, a bit of a non-starter.


Moments in automotive history #146


The development of the so-called “spa car” in California looked promising in the initial focus group sessions and in September 1967 a number of prototypes were produced for testing customer feedback in other states around the US; unfortunately, due to delays in the project’s administration, the initial models were not delivered to selected dealerships until January 1968. The resulting feedback, combined with a class legal action from frostbite suffered in Alaska caused the entire idea to be shelved before the end of the month.