Moments in automotive history #147


Although the good people of Prague were loathe to give-up without a struggle, in truth the idea of push-starting the city’s ageing tram fleet was, to say the least, a bit of a non-starter.


Moments in automotive history #146


The development of the so-called “spa car” in California looked promising in the initial focus group sessions and in September 1967 a number of prototypes were produced for testing customer feedback in other states around the US; unfortunately, due to delays in the project’s administration, the initial models were not delivered to selected dealerships until January 1968. The resulting feedback, combined with a class legal action from frostbite suffered in Alaska caused the entire idea to be shelved before the end of the month.


Moments in automotive history #145


In retrospect the decision to open the new parking facility a few days early, along with original decision to site it over the opening to the abandoned mine shaft, did give rise to some issues with the quality of the materials used for the substrate.