People with issues #323

A disputed goal at the end of a match in the Greek Superleague between Paok-Salonica and AEK Athens led to a pitch invasion by one of the team owners, who appeared to be carrying a gun.

Fernando Varela scored with a header in the final minute of the game, putting the home team, Paok, ahead 1-0 and on course to close the gap between themselves in third spot and leaders AEK.

The referee signalled a goal but then changed his mind to rule the player offside, after appeals from AEK and referring to one of the linesmen.

Paok’s owner, the businessman Ivan Savvidis, came on the field twice and was accompanied by bodyguards. On the second occasion, without his overcoat , Savvidis appeared to be carrying a pistol (which was in its holster).

AEK officials claimed Savvidis threatened the referee during his first foray onto the pitch, before being pulled away.

The game was suspended and the crowd was told to disperse. Adding to the widespread confusion, there were claims that the referee, Giorgos Kominis, had allowed the goal.

Ivan Savvidis enters the pitch for a second time, carrying what appears to be a pistol.

Shooting from the hip?

The Superleague’s website recorded the match as a 0-0 draw and showed AEK still leading the table on 55 points, with Olympiacos in second on 53 points and Paok still in third on 50.

An official statement was expected from the league. In the meantime this guy would be a great addition to the NFL.


People with issues #322


Gustav’s lifelong ambition to win renown as the last of the “big game” hunters was somewhat hindered by his agoraphobia, hodophobia, agrizoophobia and his crippling neophobia. In spite of all his problems, however, he did continue to decorate his 3rd floor apartment with trophies of his many urban kills and as a result gained some local fame and notoriety until an unfortunate incident with the neighbour’s elderly cat resulted in him being removed and taken into care at a secure residential facility in the Ozarks.


People with issues #319


Gregor’s qualifying times for the Rio Paralympics were superb, and he had the almost unique national distinction of never failing a drug test. Sadly his athletics career ground to a sudden halt following the release of pictures from a city traffic CCTV camera and he was quietly dropped from the team; it turned-out that his coach was employed by the city as a tram driver.