War is hell #62

prc marines

Jong Li was not only the smallest of this year’s intake for the Marines, he was also the least popular with the sergeant instructors. He discovered this during the second week of his basic, shallow-water combat training.


War is hell #61

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Lin-Jao was pretty much the “go to” guy for basic maintenance and decorating chores back at the base,  but he’d begun to feel like a “fifth wheel” on these mountain training exercises. At least he was doing better than the guys who looked after the camels.


War is hell #60


The decision to include the Catering Corps in the PLA’s Winter training exercise was met with disbelief and incredulity by the new cadets, right up until they were introduced to the “animal slaughter and vegetable chopping in severe weather conditions,” portion of the programme; at which point they all agreed it was “pretty cool.”


War is hell #59


It would be fair to say that recruit Jang-Chi was disappointed when the Honor Cadet promotion went to his best friend Xi-Lao. The determination and original thought the he displayed in dealing with the situation resulted in him being awarded the vacated position and his appointment as leader in the full military honours that were granted for Xi-Lao’s funeral.


War is hell #58


In order to cut costs and speed-up the process, the People’s Liberation Army arranged to have its “mine detecting” dogs trained in France. There was a degree of confusion in the translation of the original contract and although the returning dogs proved useless in combat situations the regular supply of truffles they dug-up was very welcome in the Officers’ Mess.


War is hell #56


President Xi’s decision to reduce the size of the People’s Liberation Army resulted in some hard choices when it came to dishing-out jobs to the less successful recruits, but the desired 10% reduction was achieved on the very first day of the annual marksmanship competition. The new “moving targets” element in the competition proved very popular, especially amongst the drill sergeants.