Not dead yet (in 2013)……

I set up the original ThursdayAgain at the end of 2005 to celebrate not being dead. I closed it down at the end of 2010 when it looked like I wasn’t going to see out 2011…… This lack of foresight probably explains why I have never won a lottery (that & never buying a ticket).

Since I made it through all of 2012, & am still breathing & have all my major limbs still attached, I will probably keep amusing &/or annoying people with ThursdayAgain (for now). Since I am still interested in everything the blog may cover anything in 2013, although a noticeable & continuing tendency towards the whimsical is quite certain.

So enjoy the nonsense, thank you for reading & for your comments, & please don’t be offended if I turn down nominations for awards this year (if any arrive); while I am flattered beyond belief I really don’t do the awards thing – & just knowing that you enjoyed ThursdayAgain is more than enough validation.

I’m not dead yet.

2nd January 2013

“Honey, I’m home…..”