Not exactly as planned


Looking back at the Trump Presidency it became clear that his refusal to believe in or act upon the effects of climate change directly resulted in the failure of his “Trump Wall of the Americas” to keep out large numbers of migrant workers; who simply floated over the border and became a permanent feature of the new Trump Spa centres and Trump Water Sports parks that replaced most of what had once been known as Texas.


View from a Rhino House: “He ain’t heavy, he’s….”

An un-named Chinese local official photographed being given a piggyback by a villager while visiting flood victims in Zhejiang province was sacked on Monday, after the image caused public outrage online, PRC media reported on Monday.

The picture was posted on microblogging site Sina Weibo in the wake of Typhoon Fitow, according to the Xinhua news agency. The text accompanying it said the official had received the piggyback because “He was wearing expensive shoes.” (Fashionistas, eh?)

He has been fired him from his position as director of the construction office in nearby Sanqishi Township, Xinhua reported.

In a rather bizarre twist to the story, a local government spokesman said that the villager had insisted on carrying the official across a pond rather than “Letting him remove his shoes & walk barefoot.” (Such civic pride!)

The Communist Party in the PRC has been engaging in a crackdown on official corruption & excess & while protest is still officially frowned-upon, greater access to the internet has given Chinese people a forum to publicize cases of abuse & criminality by officials.

Not as worn on the Long March....

Not as worn on the Long March….