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In retrospect Janesh was lucky that the governments “improved literacy” programme coincided with the WWF’s efforts to enhance the relationship between the local population and the few remaining elephants living wild in the bush. In fact the savings from his salary for teaching what he described as “the indigenous illiterate population” and the stipend from the WWF, for what he called “cultural assimilation,” allowed him to buy-up the local land which he turned into a mall with extensive parking and the first in a global chain of “Jumboburger” fast-food franchises. This is the last known photograph of Janesh and one of his students sharing extracts from “The Art of the Deal” before the herd disappeared.


View from a Rhino House: slow food

In Florida this week the police caught a man who killed & ate 15 gopher tortoises, & was planning to munch on 11 more of the threatened beasties, a spokeswoman said yesterday.

It appears that a tip-off led an officer to woods in Citrus County on Florida’s west coast where he found tire tracks & used cartridges, & search the next day turned-up a box holding 11 live gopher tortoises.

When the man came back he was arrested & admitted to eating the threatened species & the trapped tortoises were set free.

Florida legislation identifies gopher tortoises as a threatened species, meaning it is illegal to own one & eating them is definitely infra dig.

I can’t see this appearing as a chain of franchised-eateries anywhere soon, but people have strange tastes (especially in Florida, it seems).

Finger food?

Finger food?