View from a Rhino House: helping hands

If someone fainted right in front of you on public transport, what would your first reaction be? Call for help, try to revive the person, maybe ask if there is a doctor present; not if you’re in Shanghai it seems.

When a European-looking man fainted on a Shanghai metro train, the other passengers’ reaction wasn’t exactly from the “Good Samaritan’s Handbook”. All the passengers in the carriage immediately ran from the scene, apparently terrified by being in any way involved or associated with the unconscious man, leaving him to recover by himself.

CCTV cameras recorded the unhappy incident, including the stampede that ensued when the train reached the next station in which one person was knocked-over in the rush to anonymous safety. The cameras also showed the man revive, looking confused, but apparently unharmed, & rubbing his head as other passengers boarded the train & metro officials came to investigate.

The man’s identity remains unknown, but if he turns-out to be the thirty-something stepson of a Jewish carpenter we can assume that the good people of Shanghai are seriously screwed.

In Shanghai at least it seems the milk of human kindness is curdled.

OK, you check his ticket, I'll get his wallet......

OK, you check his ticket, I’ll get his wallet……