Moments in automotive history #150

automotive darwinism

The sudden ubiquity of selff-driving vehicules and stunning advances in AI resulted in the almost immediate appearance of “Automotive Darwinism,” with larger predatory vehicles destroying smaller, weaker examples for spare parts and hanging air fresheners.


Moments in automotive history #149

1hp fiat

The 1 horse power version of the smaller Fiats proved popular in the Eastern European beach resorts where their low running-costs were welcomed by the local taxi drivers.

View from a Rhino House: the price of “free”

It was reported yesterday that a handful of Londoners in some of the capital’s classiest & most expensive neighbourhoods apparently agreed to give up their eldest child in return for free wi-fi access, during an experiment exploring attitudes & risks in public wi-fi use.
The experiment, which was backed by the law enforcement agency Europol, involved a group of researchers setting up a public wi-fi hotspot in June.

As people connected to the hotspot, the terms & conditions they were asked to sign up to included a “Herod clause” promising free wi-fi if “the recipient agreed to assign their first born child to us for the duration of eternity.” Six less-than-doting sets of parents signed up.

F-Secure, the security firm that sponsored the experiment, has confirmed that it (probably) won’t be enforcing the clause.

“We have yet to enforce our rights under the T&Cs but, as this is an experiment, we will, in any case, be returning the children to their parents,” wrote the company in its report.

“Our legal advisor,” it continues, “points out that, although the contractual terms & conditions are legally binding, the legality of exchanging children in return for “free services,” is questionable – so the clause might not be enforceable in a court of law.”

Somewhere there are some very unhappy parents cancelling their plans for next weekend.

"Hey Julie. I've found a great, free wi-fi hotspot & solved the baby skitter problem for the weekend......"

“Hey Julie. I’ve found a great, new, free wi-fi hotspot & solved the baby sitter problem for the weekend……”