War is hell #61

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Lin-Jao was pretty much the “go to” guy for basic maintenance and decorating chores back at the base,  but he’d begun to feel like a “fifth wheel” on these mountain training exercises. At least he was doing better than the guys who looked after the camels.


War is hell #58


In order to cut costs and speed-up the process, the People’s Liberation Army arranged to have its “mine detecting” dogs trained in France. There was a degree of confusion in the translation of the original contract and although the returning dogs proved useless in combat situations the regular supply of truffles they dug-up was very welcome in the Officers’ Mess.


War is hell #56


President Xi’s decision to reduce the size of the People’s Liberation Army resulted in some hard choices when it came to dishing-out jobs to the less successful recruits, but the desired 10% reduction was achieved on the very first day of the annual marksmanship competition. The new “moving targets” element in the competition proved very popular, especially amongst the drill sergeants.