Adventures with wildlife #161


In principle, encouraging the animals to interact with visiting schoolchildren was a good idea; in practice a certain amount of aberrant behaviour was apparent amongst the zoo animals almost immediately. Additionally some of the schools reported unusual behaviour amongst pupils, with many apparently having developed a taste for grass in favour of their usual school lunches.

Those classes who had been actively involved in observing the lions did not report any unusual behaviour, although a number of supervising teachers seemed to have disappeared on the return journey.


Moments in automotive history #151


In the brutal search to improve on international rival’s 4×4 successes the Tunisian car industry turned to overseas designers in Russia for inspiration. Whilst, in the strictly mathematical sense it was a significant step forward, the inability of the prototype to turn corners and the repeated failure of the braking systems were handicaps in the market’s perception of the new vehicle. Additionally it proved impossible to either enter or exit the car other than through the windows.


There is no joy in Mudville tonight…

“Next year, you can wear the pants…”

A Lithuanian couple won the World Wife-Carrying Championship for a second time in a row in the Finnish town of Sonkajarvi last Saturday, triumphing in a contest where men complete an obstacle course with their wives slung over their shoulders. Can’t wait to see a “gender neutral” version of this in the next Olympics.


Moments in automotive history #150

automotive darwinism

The sudden ubiquity of selff-driving vehicules and stunning advances in AI resulted in the almost immediate appearance of “Automotive Darwinism,” with larger predatory vehicles destroying smaller, weaker examples for spare parts and hanging air fresheners.