War is hell #67


Cho-Li and the guys were pretty pumped at being the Motor Pool Company selected to service and maintain the new all-terrain vehicle that that Army would be introducing next year. Their enthusiasm dimmed a little when they discovered the “locking brake problem,” the “gear-sticking problem,” and the “non-standard bolt and fastening systems.” With the new tool kits unavailable for at least another two years the team was not looking forward to the Winter.


Just another day in the office #338

crash test customer support

Following the passing of the Robot Emancipation Act in 2022 the machines were able to compete with the human workforce on an equal basis. It was only in the fields of artistic and creative endeavour that their very literal brains were at a disadvantage; and after many trials it was eventually decided that they should also be excluded from all activities in Customer Services. Their inability to lie, obfuscate and misdirect left that entire area as an industry best-suited to their erstwhile human masters.


People with issues #328


bad day

Josh  was really having a bad day, unable to find any of his clothes beneath the bridge he woke up under he had managed to borrow something from his sister. Fortunately, even after a monumentally heavy night, he had managed to hang-on to the samples of his work for the interview. Despite his natural optimism even Josh reckoned that his chances of nailing the senior architects job did not look too promising under the cold light of a Tuesday morning.


Adventures with wildlife #164

celebrity culture animals

Janice had always been been very big on celebrity culture and truly believed that her latest round of implants pretty much guarantied her a starring spot on the upcoming Discovery Channel series. The other members of the group were less convinced and made sure she was the next victim of the local village’s bushmeat expedition, saving huge embarrassment all round.


War is hell #66

early alarm

In truth Kim-Jus was having a few problems with the early morning alerts on the P’anmunjŏm line. Today he would only get bawled-out by the sergeant, on Sunday he would be facing a court martial for turning out in his Snoopy pyjamas, a knitted bed cap and a small teddy bear in place of his M40.


Just another day in the office #337

train pusher

WANTED. Expert in the operational management of urban mass transit systems, must have excellent inter-personal skills and feel fully comfortable in what is definitely a customer-facing role. Limited opportunities for travel but regular contact with our loyal but demanding customer base.”

Xang-Li should have realised that the advert was “over-egging” the position when the only questions asked at the interview related to his collar, chest, inside leg and shoe sizes… but a gig is a gig and it didn’t look like the zoo would be rehiring any time soon. At least they hadn’t read his CV.